The Nia Techinque is a somatic practice including
dance arts, martial arts, healing arts and free dance. 
The main focus of Nia is the JOY of movement!

We love The Nia Technique! Laurie was introduced to Nia back in 2006 and is a Brown Belt instructor. Kim has been dancing with Laurie since 1998, this year Kim became a Blue Belt. Over the last two years, we have been team teaching at the Dance Center with some truly amazing women. We are creating community through movement. All levels of fitness and genders are welcome! Classes are an hour long and we dance barefoot. 

We dance Wed & Fri @ 9:00am at:
56 West 6th Street
Santa Rosa, CA

Your first class is always free!
See you on the dance floor.

For more information about the Nia story, watch this video.

Nia Events