We are Silly, Sacred, and Serious!

Through movement, through mantras and prayer, through workshops and retreats, Pink TV, and creation of this community, the INTENTION here is to continue the work that powerful women before us started and expand that for generations to come. Let's make some magic!

Wearing our chakra shades Just trying to figure out how to get a video together...

Wearing our chakra shades Just trying to figure out how to get a video together...

This is how Pink Consciousness came to be - a space to feel confident, sensuous, happy, healthy, and light hearted - as well as grounded... Yes, it's a daily thing. You don't just arrive and you're done, but you do get to stay "in the Pink" for longer periods of time!

The Pink Consciousness philosophy comes from connecting with women in many ways:

  • Being women - duh!
  • Way too many workshops, retreats, etc... - Another duh!
  • Being involved in communities that were not collaborative.
  • Honoring sisterhood.

As women, connection is paramount. Our intention is to keep women in touch with one another, whether it's virtually with us gals here at Pink Consciousness, or face to face at your best friend's house, or a fabulous girlfriend vacation, a sister circle, or a chick flick. Do your soul some good and immerse yourself in sisterhood.

Be a guest blogger.

Pink Consciousness is a collaboration. If you would like for us to address a particular topic or issue, drop us a line. Or, become a guest blogger - we are always interested in what women are experiencing, talking about and where attention is needed in the feminine collective.

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."
- Maya Angelou