Setting The Tone For Exploration...

It's taken the last 8 months and two lifetimes to get to the launch of this website... Laurie and I joke that wisdom does not come cheap! It leads me to think about how many things that I have achieved and attempted to achieve that left me with the feeling of starting over or beginning again. Many women tell me that they want to change their story. I too, feel that - sometimes I choose to change my story, other times, I am forced to.  

As the people and patterns of my life change, I'm noticing that "being open and surrendering to the path" isn't optional, that is automatically going to happen. But the outcome of my path, my story, is optional, solely based on my awareness and participation. And yes, I choose joy and to be an active player in the arena of my life. For years, I have wanted to create an online forum and explore the divine feminine, but openly talking about my feelings seemed very "dear diary" and so personal. Those thoughts were not contributing to this dream manifestation... I have to work daily at getting out of my "mind" and moving into my "spirit". If I can be so open to physical exploration such as travel and dance, I figure that it is time to be open to deepening my emotional exploration as well.

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."
T.S. Elliot, Four Quartets

My current explorations have been about setting the tone (to clarify, tone, essence, and spirt are synonymous to me). Over last few weeks I have been focusing on creating this virtual shrine and taking my NIA White Belt Training. Both endeavors are proving to me that a center point or touchstone is essential for grounding. Or, at least a place to go to when I have a hard time getting motivated or inspired to write or practice some moves. 

In creating the tone for Pink Consciousness, Laurie and I had to have a starting point, which is what we call the MotherStone. The MotherStone is a semi precious rose quartz in the shape of a heart. Everything at Pink Consciousness stems from and is blessed by the MotherStone and there is an amazing story behind it, however, that is Laurie's story to tell and perhaps she will share that with all of you sometime soon... I am amazed how many times we have sat down to write or create together and we have to go back to the MotherStone to get the ball rolling, or at least ground ourselves so we can remember the tone or intent on our quest of what inspires women and gives us the ability to nurture and create.



On a more personal level, I love dance and as I approach 50, setting the tone of taking care of my body and holding on to physical mobility is paramount to me. I have been dancing ever since I was a small child and I made the decision to embrace that love of dance by obtaining my Nia white belt over the last two weekends. What an amazing challenge that turned out to be! Not only did I have to dig deep to move my body for hours on end, but it was one of the most creative experiences of my life. It was sixty hours of somatic movement training that stems from the dance, martial and healing arts. There were times when I had to dig deep to keep moving. Our instructor, France-Laude, was an amazing example of creating a safe welcoming environment, that performing a solo or receiving a critique on how to improve a move somehow did not seem so intimidating. The spirit of the space just propelled me and my dance mates along, which created an abundance of laughter, tears, psychic release and life long friendships.


During these two weekends, I found that I am in awe of how much spirit swims around me. I included a couple of pictures that illustrate this. Some family friends were kind enough to open their home to me so I did not have to commute for this training. One of the first things I noticed was their list of their family values, which showed me how much honesty, respect and communication set the tone of their family interaction. The other is from my Nia graduation ceremony. You can see the the result of how creating a sacred and silly space made it possible to dig deep, achieve personal objectives, and collectively celebrate that accomplishment.

I would love to read about how you set the tone or witness spirit in others and their environment. Please leave your comments below.

Snatch you later,