It's All In Your Head

Here's the thing about being in the mind realm. You must be a witness to your the observer. Ask your Self, "who's thinking that?" This is a very important practice so you can stop the emotional war on spirit. The mind is where the bullshit starts. The spirit suffers the casualties. Spirit wants to soar. Spirit loves pleasure, joy, enthusiasm, creating and most of all LOVE. There is no way, absolutely no way to stay "positive" all the time. That is why we choose. You can choose to shift your mindset.

Mindset: A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations.

Does that definition give you a stuck, locked in kind of feeling? It does me. That's why I love the witness practice. In Don Miguel Ruiz's book, The Four Agreements, he talks about assuming. If you let your mind assume that all emotions are appropriate, due to past circumstances, you are in for some really difficult times.

One of the things that led me to being in my "Pink Consciousness," was to free my mind in moments of emotional stimulation. To actually stop, go into my body realm, breathe and receive information. Time to check out my sensations. Did I feel weird or weak or sweaty...or relaxed, happy, confident and at ease. As you can see, the realms are super connected.

Calling bullshit on a mind warp, then checking in with your bodily sensations, creates the space to listen to spirit.

When you listen, you can honor the most valid emotion, your true feelings for that moment. It gets easier with practice to flow from one realm to another. It's happening anyway, so wouldn't it be awesome to choose what's coming from your unique "Pink Print?" To choose how you want to feel!

One way I can assure you of the science behind this connection is by reminding you or educating you about the vagovasal response. You've most likely experienced this yourself...

Something freaky happens, your heart palpitates, some people faint. There is actually a dramatic physiological response to what you are seeing, hearing or feeling. For example, two of my kids had dramatic illnesses. I let my mind internalize those experiences, then I would have a vagovasal response, if they got a fucking cold. I had to work, hard, on freeing my mind of that. One of my favorite mantras is "never mind...mind." Then I actually physically move my body away from the thought. We will be teaching these tools, and can't wait to share them with you.

Freedom is so liberating, in all the realms, and it starts with thinking about what you're thinking about.

The Pink Consciousness Tribe is here to connect. Let us know what you're thinking, or assuming and we'll be happy to give you insight.

In Love,