Surviving the Emotion Ocean

I don't particularly care for the term "emotional roller coaster."

But I'm just getting off of one, so, it makes sense to me.


Especially the part where you're coming onto the home platform...of the ride, and realize you're about to go again. I don't ride roller coasters, and I know why.

I contract when I'm on one. My abs shorten, my face contorts, and I fight the whole fucking time.

So, when I reflect on, or am in an ocean of emotion, I like to think of it as riding a wave.

Sometimes it's super rough. The key in those times is to surrender. I've been in the ocean and got caught up.

I learned to relax and it would eventually spit me out, somewhere along the coastline.

A man made roller coaster chugs and strains to the top, while you're fearfully awaiting the downward slam, and that's it. It doesn't change, any day of the week, you can find one, in a weird theme park, or in your own head if you choose to ride.

But the waves of the ocean come and go. It's natural, true to your nature, and you learn to build an emotional muscle. For now, practice awareness. Ask; is this feeling mine? Am I entering a zone that is not necessary? Start asking, tell us how that feels. We will work on building this muscle together as a collective strength.

In another post, coming soon, I'll tell you more about my ride. One of the Pink Consciousness themes will be to expose certain experiences with people (women) we'd like you to know about. The good shit and the bad. We are here to tell the truth.

You can depend on that!

It's going to be a great way.

See you soon.

In Love,