We are Pink Consciousness.

Welcome to the Merkin Project.
There is no shame in our vagina game!

Pink Consciousness is here to promote sisterhood for the greater good! We want to celebrate YOU. We are creating the first and only publication about the mystical, magical MERKIN - a radical coffee table book that should be in everyone's living room! The term MERKIN refers to a pubic wig.  Boring - it's not just about the hair down there, it's beyond that - we want you to "adore" your vagina. We are here to talk about the play and evolution of how women have adorned their vaginas throughout history - with everything from bellydancing coin belts, tattoos, lingerie, etc... It's about the power of being a woman and the full frontal freedom to express that.

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We first saw this phenomena while promoting Club Bitch events. Somewhere along the line, most likely a divine download, we created a Merkin Contest. It was unbelievable how inspirational it was for the women to create a decorative piece that honored their vajayjay. It was glitter yoni-ville. The energy in the room was of freedom. An un-censored playfulness that was palpable, which we recognized as an undeniable power of the vagina or the feminine. We hear from those women today, and 20 years later they are still expressing the greatness and the gratitude for that moment.  We had lightning in a bottle and we didn't even know it.

Now we want to capture that lightning in a BOOK and we want you to be the thunder!  We want to create the freedom that we know is intrinsically there... 

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“Why do people say grow some balls? Balls are weak and sensivtive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”
— Betty White